Planning an Elopement or Small Wedding During Covid-19

Read advice directly from my May 2020 brides! Think of these couples as pioneers. They planned their weddings with little information about the future and absolutely no roadmap in front of them. It was tough, but they freakin' DID IT. Honestly, I'm super impressed with their flexibility and ability to focus on each other and on the bigger picture.👏 🥳


written in June 2020

Biggest Challenge for "Covid Brides": Narrowing Down Your Guest List

Let's talk about something heavy on the hearts of most couples planning their 2020 or 2021 wedding: narrowing down your guests list. Full disclosure: This post might stir up some uncomfortable feelings and lead to tough conversations about who and what is most important to you. Know that I truly feel your pain. This isn't easy.


written in July 2020

I want to be an open, candid source of information for bride & grooms, so I'm sharing my behind-the-scenes experience of planning and photographing weddings affected by Covid-19. I hope these blog posts are helpful for you!

don't stop planning your wedding: 3 Steps to Take during QUARANTINE

I never thought I'd write tips for wedding planning during a pandemic, but this is our reality, and your wedding planning should not be put on hold!Actually, all of your new free time is a good opportunity to tackle more meaningful, productive, and fun wedding planning than you usually could! Let's dig in to the 3 wedding planning steps to take while in quarantine. ⬇️⬇️


written in march 2020


There are actually tons of benefits to planning your wedding during this quarantine. I hope this blog gives you a different perspective about your unique situation. Let's focus on the good things and list the steps to start planning your wedding. Your marriage will be the most important thing to come from your wedding and to outlast this pandemic.


written in august 2020

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