...a Texan, a traveler, a dog mom, living with my husband in Austin.

You can find me outside - hiking, at the pool, trying to find the best pizza and margaritas in town – or honestly, on the couch, because who doesn’t love an HBO marathon??

I specialize in photography that truly shows who you are, in a colorful, adventurous, and true-to-life style!

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Aside from photography, I'm passionate and focused on giving you the BEST possible experience, from the moment you hit “send” on my contact form, to the first time you open your photo gallery. I'm serious... I get REALLY excited about it! And I love when our relationship goes way beyond that; keeping in touch long after photos are posted on your Facebook wall and framed on your actual home’s walls!

And lucky for me, photography and a passion for serving people go hand-in-hand. So, what are you passionate about? I’d love to help you tell that story, photograph this exciting time in your life, and have lots of fun doing it!

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1. Catching candid moments between the couple

2. Exploring new venues & parks

3. Cake :)

My favorite part of weddings?

I'm always ready to get on a plane or drive across the country to see something new. The Caribbean is constantly calling my name, and we're working on visiting every National Park!

being out of town

I have an extensive scrunchie collection, and it's hard to find me without one in my hair or on my wrist.

I'm always wearing a scrunchie

We spontaneously decided to get scuba certified on our honeymoon. It's been really fun diving on our vacations since then!

I really love being under water

Yep. The very first day, just hours after arriving to Lubbock to start band camp at Texas Tech. And yep. We met at band camp!

matt & I met on the first day of college

Dwight, Jim, Phyllis...
ahhh I don't know!

I'll never decide which character from The office
is my favorite 

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bucket list

national parks

Parks Visited 

Grand Teton
Grand Canyon 
Carlsbad Caverns
Petrified Forest
North Cascades
Rocky Mountain

On our List

American Samoa

Bryce Canyon
Mesa Verde
Mount Rainier

my favorites

The Office
Harry Potter
Freaks and Geeks
True Detective

West Elm

Tacos & Frozen Margarita
Popcorn (extra butter) & Coke
Pizza & Austin Eastcider
Burger + Chocolate Shake (extra fudge)

meet Walter

We adopted Walter in January of 2021, and he's my Employee of the Month, every month :)

When I deliver a gallery, he approves every photo for the highest quality, color, lighting, and composition. Just kidding... but he does sleep under my feet every day while I edit.

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