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Hey! I’m Lauren Garrison, your proposal photography expert, educator, and mentor from afar.

7 years ago, when my friend asked me to photograph his proposal, I said “yes” without hesitation! It opened up a whole new world for me.

Now, 300+ proposals later, I specialize in this really fun and fulfilling branch of photography. Yearly, I make $30k+ by photographing proposals, and it actually the LEAST time consuming service I offer.

I’m here to help you gain the skills and confidence to be an amazing proposal photographer (because that’s what your clients deserve) and make a great profit (because that’s what YOU deserve).

Join a group of photographers who are ready to:

offer a totally unique service 

gain skills and confidence as a photographer

go above & beyond for their clients

Inside you'll find my best tips + stories from my experience planning and photographing more than 300 proposals.

Join me for biweekly proposal education 

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what to expect

How proposals are different than weddings and couples wedding + why it's VITAL you approach them differently.

How shooting proposals can work with your schedule and free up your weekends!

Being MORE than just a photographer for your clients.

Keeping your proposal clients for future weddings, mini-sessions, etc.

Stories from the 350 proposals I've planned and photographed.

dive in

which are you?

1. You’ve photographed proposals before and are wanting to up-level your client experience to really blow them away. 

2. The idea of photographing proposals scares the CRAP out of you, but you want to give it a try. 

3. You already photograph couples & weddings and want to add this service. You'd also love to shoot more on weekdays and have a life on weekends again.  





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5 Ways to Make Proposals Flow Smoothly

This guide is PACKED with my best advice. It covers ways to give your clients an amazing experience from start to finish. Answer their questions before they have them. Guide them to make the best decisions. Set their expectations.

Make proposals the most fulfilling and profitable service that you offer. 

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