Why purchase a Heirloom-quality album?

Professional photographers have access to pro-level printing shops that specialize in crafting gorgeous wedding albums. Your book will have exceptional photo quality, extra thick pages, and the most fine cover materials.

This is how your photos were MEANT to be viewed, and your album is built to last. In fact, it'll probably outlive YOU. Your kids and grandkids can enjoy this album for generations. Pretty cool, right?

The other benefit is that your album will be personally designed by ME. I have years of design experience, and I know how to pair photos together to make each spread look amazing.

1. choose your size

Perfect size for a Parent Album

Standard size for brides & grooms

Gorgeous, extra-large size

distressed leather

(+$200 for any album size)

Albums include 15 spreads (30 pages). Each additional spread is $30.

2. choose your cover


(included in original pricing)

natural leather

(+$150 for any album size)

distressed leather

(+$150 for any album size)


(+$150 for any album size)

3. choose your extras

Cameo Cover

Cover Engraving
+$60 (2 line max)

Cover Debossing
+ $75 (2 line max)
white, gold, or black text

Walnut Wood Box
+$150 (8")
+$180 (10")
+$210 (12")

Maple Wood Box
+$100 (8")
+$120 (10")
+$140 (12")

Linen Box
+$150 (8")
+$170 (10")
+$190 (12")

All books come with a linen dust jacket. 

design process

Select your favorite photos from your online wedding gallery

I'll design your wedding album, then email you pages to approve. We'll go through 2 rounds of edits, then I'll order your album!

Choose a size, cover material & color, and engraving/ debossing words.

Your album will be shipped to you!

enjoy your heirloom album!

The design process can be as quick as a few days! Albums typically arrive within four weeks of placing your order. 

How long will it take to design and print my album?

Honestly, all three sizes are great. The 10x10 is the most common size chosen. 12x12 makes it easy to include more photos per spread, and makes full spread photos all the more impressive!

What size do you recommend? 

For a 15 spread album (included in original pricing), 70-80 photos is usually perfect. For a 20 spread album, 100 photos will probably be right.

How many photos should we choose?

I'll help you select photos directly inside your online wedding gallery! I'll also give you tips on how to choose photos that will look best in your album.

What’s the best way to choose photos?

common questions

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