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How long have you been a photographer?

I've been a photographer since 2008! I started taking senior photos before I was even a senior in high school. I worked for newspapers and magazines during college, and I photographed my first wedding in 2012. This changed everything! After college, I photographed more and more weddings each year, and now I specialize in giving couples an amazing experience from the moment they get engaged.

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What type of weddings do you specialize in?

I've photographed many types of weddings! That's given me the opportunity to discover what size and style really makes my creative side come alive. I do my best work at weddings with fewer than 150 guests, at locations that feature the outdoors. (That doesn't mean I only shoot at 100% outdoor venues, because I like AC as much as anyone in Texas). I love venues with lots of nature and architecture that compliments it. I don't typically photograph hotel weddings.

I enjoy working with couples who have prioritized their own ideas over sticking to every tradition. They're creating a day that reflects their unique relationship. They want to have FUN and spend as much time together as possible on their wedding day! These couples want their photos to make them FEEL something, years from now, when looking through their album. Even if they're a little nervous about taking engagement photos, they're excited. They know it's more important to be themselves and embrace the candid moments than to worry about every hair that could be out of place. And above all, they want to enjoy being engaged and can't wait to be married to the love of their lives!

Does that sound like you? Well, then I think we'll be a great match!


How do we book our wedding photography?

All I need to secure your wedding date on my calendar is an agreement and a 30% retainer. Credit card and bank transfers are accepted through an easy, secure online service. Your final payment (the remaining 70%) is due one month before your wedding day.

Have you been to our venue before? Does that matter?

There are SO many amazing venues in the Austin area (and everywhere, really). While there are some venues I've been to several times, it's completely normal for me to photograph weddings at venues I haven't been to before. Honestly, if your photographer can't shoot on the fly and take great photos somewhere brand new to them, that's a BIG problem.

I'll do lots of research online and arrive early on your wedding day to scout locations. Also, because the light changes every day based on the season and the weather, photo locations will be slightly different at every wedding. Don't worry, I've got this :)

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Do you photographer smaller weddings and elopements?

Yes!! And I love them! I offer customizable wedding collections for 8+ hours of coverage, as well as elopement collections. Contact me to tell me about your unique wedding.

How far in advance should we book our photography?

As soon as possible, really! I’ve found that most engagements last about one year, but whether yours is shorter or longer than that, save your date on my calendar as soon as you can!

Where are you located? Can you travel to my wedding?

I am based in Austin, and I'd love to travel across Texas or across the world for your wedding! Ask me to see a Collections Guide specifically for Destination Weddings.

Do you usually schedule a meeting before booking?

I don’t always schedule a meeting before booking, but if you’d like to talk on the phone or Facetime, we can definitely do that! Your engagement session will also serve as a great time to get to know each other and talk about your wedding.

Do you offer video?

I don't offer videography, but I will recommend awesome local videographers.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes! I take payments through a secure online system. Credit cards and direct bank transfers are accepted. There are no extra fees for paying with a credit card.

Do you charge tax?

Unfortunately, the state of Texas requires that I charge the normal state sales tax of 8.25%. This is the only extra tax or fee you'll see though!


We know NOTHING about planning a wedding! Help!

Well, that’s totally normal! After getting engaged, most people what no idea what to do next. And if you start Googling, you’ll find a million articles with advice. That will become overwhelming FAST.

You probably haven't planned a wedding before, but don't worry... I have! And I've learned a lot by photographing weddings for years. I've seen it all.

I send all of my couples an extremely detailed 65 page Wedding Experience magazine that is packed with information about photography and tips I've learned being behind-the-scenes at weddings. And of course, I'm here to answer any questions, help you brainstorm ideas, and make things as simple as possible for you!

What if my fiancé doesn't like taking photos?

Trust me, you're not the only one who's a little worried about this. The good news is that engagement photos are like a practice round for your wedding photos! We'll work together to make the session fun, easy, and natural. Start by showing him some engagement blogs on my website to help him know what to expect. Then, brainstorm ways to make the session feel like a regular date. Go to your favorite bar, explore a fun hiking trail, or even have a picnic at home. Let's set up a fun evening, and I'll take care of the rest!

Is your style more posed or more candid?

This is a GREAT question. Thanks for asking it!  We'll take a mix of posed and candid photos. I help you "pose" in a way that makes you look amazing. From there, we'll add movement, and I'll give you prompts to flow into different poses and positions. You'll walk, dance, hug, and move around a lot.

This also depends on your personalities. I'll make sure you're comfortable, and if you're someone who often thinks "What do I do with my hands???", you're not alone! We'll work together to make you look natural and have fun. 

On your wedding day, when we're not taking bride & groom, wedding party, or family photos, I'll take tons of candids.

What is your editing style?

Words like "light & airy" or "dark & moody" get used to describe editing styles, but I'd say my style lands right in the middle. Your photos won't look drastically different than the way everything looked in real life. I seek out bright and colorful backgrounds, and find beautiful natural light that will make you really stand out!

While editing, I'll remove small blemishes, but if you're looking for photos that will give you a virtual spray tan, or edits that make your Aunt Karen skinnier in the background, than I may not be the photographer for you :)



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What should we wear to our engagement session?

Good question! SO good that I wrote a blog post about it. I'll also send you an Engagement Session Style with even more tips and examples!

What locations do you suggest?

The Austin area has sooo many great photo locations. I also LOVE traveling for Destination Engagement Photos.

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Should we take engagement and bridal photos?

Yes! Engagement sessions are a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera and also a great way for us to get to know each other. That is why an engagement session is included complimentary with every full wedding collection.

Bridals are optional, and are included in some collections. They're the perfect time to try on your dress one last time and test out your hair and makeup. Plus, you’ll receive 100 beautiful photos to display at your wedding. Bridal sessions should be scheduled at least 1 month before your wedding to allow time to get your photos back and printed.

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What if there's a chance of rain on our session date?

Cloudy weather is totally fine, but we'll need to reschedule if there's a strong chance of rain during the time of your session. We'll wait until the day before to make the final call on rescheduling. It's hard to get an accurate forecast much sooner than that. If we need to reschedule, we'll work together to choose a date as close to the original date as possible.

How long are engagement & bridal sessions usually?

Engagement and bridal sessions are 1-2 hours, depending on the location. Some downtown locations, for example, require a lot of walking, so your session would be longer. I’m not worried about sticking to a certain amount of time.

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What if it rains or the lighting isn't ideal on our wedding day?

No matter the weather, or the amount of clouds and sunlight, I've got you. I've photographed sessions and weddings in all types of environments, and we'll be sure to take beautiful photos with the same colorful style you see on my website and blog.

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Should we have a second photographer?

I usually encourage my couples to have a second photographer if the bride and groom are getting ready at the same time in separate venues. This allows for me to be in “two places at once” and gives a second perspective to the day overall. You’ll also recieve even more photos if your day is photographed by two photographers. Lauren is always the lead photographer.

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Who are your second photographers?

I have a small group of local photographers who I work with often. They're all wedding photographers who have their own business and regularly shoot weddings as a lead photographer. Who I hire to be my second photographer depends on who is available on your day.

I would trust every single one of these people to photograph my own wedding.

What if something happens to you and you can't come to our wedding?

If, for example, I were to get in a horrible car accident on the way to your wedding (hopefully this wouldn't happen!), I have a plan in place. First, if there is a second shooter scheduled to be at your wedding, they will now be your lead photographer. I only work with awesome photographers (see above), so you'll be in great hands. Your new second photographer will be chosen from a list of great photographers I've worked with before.

Let me assure you that this has NEVER happened. I've never missed a wedding for any reason, and I don't see this happening at all.

Our reception will be at night. What will our photos look like?

We'll take most of your photos during the day, but it's normal for receptions to happen at night. I'm super familiar with shooting in dark rooms and outdoors at night. I'll bring flashes with me, so your reception photos will be just as gorgeous and well-lit as your other photos.

I send multiple examples of full wedding galleries to every couple who inquires. You'll be able to see hundreds of examples of reception photos.

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Can we order an album?

Yep! Just ask me about wedding album options and pricing, and I’ll send some information your way. Wedding albums are only available if you book your wedding photography with me.

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Do wedding collections include physical prints?

The session and wedding collections include high-res digital files, not physical prints. Yes, you can print your photos, as many times as you want!

How long will it take to receive our photos?

Engagement and bridal photos will be ready within 10 days and weddings within 30 days. You’ll definitely see plenty of previews before that too!

How many photos will be in our gallery?

I aim to deliver 120 edited photos per hour of wedding day coverage! This number is only increased by adding a second photographer.

What equipment do you use?

I shoot with two Canon R6, with a selection of top Canon lenses and flashes.

How do you save and store our photos?

My camera records every photo onto two memory cards. That's the first backup. As soon I get home, I upload your photos to two external hard drives. That's the second and third backup. I'm not messing around when it comes to backing up your photos!

Will you edit my photos to make me look thinner/younger/etc.?

I do not edit or manipulate photos to change someone's weight or age. I don't want to change what you actually look like, because you're beautiful the way you are! But don't worry... if you have a giant pimple and your makeup starts to wear off by the end of your reception, I've got you. I have no problem editing things like that from some photos.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, I do! I carry full service liability insurance. If your venue requires a copy of my insurance, just let me know.

Do you deliver "raw" photos?

I don't, and here's why: You're hiring me for my expertise in both photography and editing.  If you love the photo style you see on my website, you'll love the style of your photos too. Asking for unedited photos is like asking a chef at a restaurant for raw chicken. 😂  Your gallery will be full of high-resolution edited photos, ready to download and print!

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