Do you want to feel more in control of your business, make enough money to support your family, and love every day of working for yourself?? Do you want to grow FASTER but also grow WISELY? 🙋🏼‍♀️

Investing in education is so necessary when building a  sustainable business.

One-on-one mentorship is the next level of photography education. If you want accountability, personalized advice, and someone who understands, I'd love to be that for you!

(hi, it's me)

I started photographing high school seniors 14 years ago. In 2012, I photographed my first wedding, and I never stopped!

I’ve always been interested in photography, but I couldn’t have predicted how much I would love this job. It’s fulfilling, it gives me tons of freedom in my schedule, and it provides a great income. My sales have been well over 100K for the past 4 years.

Whether you’re feeling stuck and unmotivated or excited to continue growing your business, mentoring is a great way to learn from someone who’s an already gone through it.


I love mentoring

I've been growing my business for years. So many YEARS. Throughout most of that time, I felt like I just wasn't growing fast enough. Looking at Instagram, new photographers popped up daily, and they seemed to have 5,000 followers on day one.

The longer I've been in this industry, and the more photographers I've talked to, the more I realize that public facing "success" doesn't always translate to paid clients, dream weddings, or happiness.

I think the ideal mentor is someone who’s a few steps ahead of you, but not so far removed from your circumstances that they don’t remember the details of the daily wins and losses.

Everyone’s path is different, and everyone grows at a different rate, but if you want to speed up your success and learn from my experiences, let’s do this!


Marriage Proposals

Growing a business with intention

Who will benefit most from mentorship with Lauren?

Photographers with 1-5 years of experience working with clients and owning a business. 

Photographers open to discussing their business and creative goals.

My specialties:

Contact me to tell me about your specific goals and topics you want to cover!

We’ll have an introductory phone call to be sure we’re a great fit.

I'll send you a questionnaire to help me get to know you better.

We'll sign an agreement to work together.

You'll schedule our first call!

your Experience


what we can work on together:

Feel confident as a business owner and creative.

Hear advice on how to handle complicated situations that happen on wedding days and at sessions.

Set up the backend of your business to flow smoothly by using a CRM and creating workflows and email templates.

Use social media, online advertising, and SEO to grow your reach online. Build trust with potential clients and book repeat clients who you LOVE working with!

Decide if it’s the right time to transition from part-time to full time. 

Balance your busy work and personal schedules, and resist overbooking yourself!

let's grow

family + senior photographer

"Lauren has helped me in my photography journey in SO many ways! She has provided her expertise in different areas, such as lighting/location, editing, exporting, business techniques and strategies, client experience, and the list goes on! She has all the qualities of a great mentor. She is a great listener, knowledgeable, caring, honest, enthusiastic, professional, and prepared. She is such an amazing photographer and business owner, and she never makes me feel any less than her. I can tell that she truly wants me to succeed!"




3 Phone/ Video Calls – 45 minutes each

We'll discuss your long term goals and recent struggles. Ask me anything!

Must be completed within 3 months


The Goal Setter

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to start planning your mentorship experience

Are you ready to level up & take conrol of your business?

BiWeekly Phone/ Video Calls – 45 minutes each

We'll discuss your long term goals and recent struggles. Ask me anything!

Yearly headshot + branding session (in Austin, Texas)

Renew at the end of each quarter


The Support System

It's so awesome that you've turned this passion into a career!

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