24 Hours in Lubbock


Oh, Lubbock. You’re ugly and you’re beautiful. You’re too windy, but you have the best sunsets.

I spent 4 years in this dusty yet charming city while in college at Texas Tech. This weekend, Matt and I went back to Lubbock for a Red Raider football game for the first time in 2 years. We were only there for a little while, but we tried to soak in as much Lubbockness as possible while we were there. This started with the 5.5 hour drive that began at 5:30am on Saturday morning. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – the drive from Austin to Lubbock is beautiful. It really is. I love all of the different landscapes in Texas, and this (relatively) short drive will showcase some of the best Texas has to offer – especially when driving through the hill country right as the sun is coming up.

Enjoy a few photos from our drive and a quick walk around this pretty campus!

091716-texastechtrip-025 091716-texastechtrip-034



091716-texastechtrip-055 091716-texastechtrip-068

091716-texastechtrip-075 091716-texastechtrip-102 091716-texastechtrip-131 091716-texastechtrip-136 091716-texastechtrip-143

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