Durango, Colorado Christmas Vacation


I’ve been on some pretty great vacations – to Hawaii, Jamaica, Grenada, The Grand Canyon, the East Coast, Florida beaches – and in my three or so trips to Colorado, it’s proved to be one of my favorites every time.

Like Austin, there’s a lot to do and a lot to see. But there, the rolling hills are traded with snowy mountains.

On Christmas Day, Matt and I traveled to Durango, Colorado to meet up with his family and celebrate his parents’ 30th anniversary at the place of their honeymoon, Purgatory Ski Resort. I’m not an amazing skier (as Matt’s family can attest), but it was still really fun, and I’d like to think I improved a little bit during our 4 days on the mountain.

Matt, however, was amazing on both snowboard and skies, just like I knew he would be. The proof of that was captured in some GoPro video that I’ll get around to looking through soon!


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