Vacation: On Board the Liberty of the Seas


Around this time every year, my husband Matt and I plan to go on vacation. Last year, we went to Grenada for our honeymoon, and this year we opted for another relaxing trip – a cruise with Royal Caribbean to Roatan Honduras, Costa Maya, and Cozumel.

This was my first ever cruise. I’ve always loved the ocean and the beach, but somehow had never thought too much about booking a cruise vacation instead of flying or driving to my destination. But now I know, THIS is the way to travel!

We were so impressed by the whole experience – the views, the food, the service – it was all incredible. I definitely recommend traveling with Royal Caribbean! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas Cruise Ship travelingRoyal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas PoolLiberty of the Seas Cruise Ship


Royal Caribbean Towel Animal

Liberty of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas Water Park

When you try to take a selfie with a DSLR….


Roatan, Honduras


Cruise Ship Roatan Honduras

Our first view of land in 2 days – taken from our porthole window in the morning as we arrived to the island.

Liberty of the Seas Cruise Roatan Honduras

Matt with our tour guide “2 Tall”

Snorkeling Roatan Honduras

Go Pro Snorkeling Picture


Costa Maya, Mexico

In Costa Maya (a fishing town actually named Mahahual on days when it’s not a tourist destination), we booked a tour through The Native Choice Tours to see the Kohunlich Mayan Ruins, and it was awesome!

When deciding what to do at this port, we realized quickly that Mayan ruins were the thing to see. I noticed at least 6 different tour options that took you to see different ruins, but we decided to travel to the Kohunlich ruins over 2 hours away, because we figured this area would be less crowded.

We arrived expecting to see one or two pyramid shaped structures and nothing more….but we were so wrong! There was a TON to see at these ruins, because it was the largest Mayan city in the area. Our tour guide Kaci – a Mayan herself – did an incredible job of explaining the history and pointing out details along the way to help tell the story of the people that lived and worked there.

Costa Maya Mexico Port

Kohunlich Mayan Ruins

Kohunlich Mayan Ruins The Native Choice Tours Mexico

We’re standing in front of the Sun God temple. Only the ruler of the city was allowed to climb the steps to the top…but we did too.

Costa Maya Mayan Ruins Mexico

Our guide told us that these stucco masks were only revealed in the 1970’s when sometime blew up this structure in the middle of the night. The Mayans added on to their structure in layers, so this hidden layer wasn’t known of until then.

Kohunlich Mayan Ruins

The view from the told of the Sun God temple. Human sacrifices were once made right in the place we were standing.

Kohunlich Mayan Ruins PhotosKohunlich Mayan Ruins The Native Choice Tours

traveling Costa Maya Mexico Port Royal Caribbean

Liberty of the Seas Photography Pictures travel

Liberty of the Seas Cruise Experience

Liberty of the Seas Reviews

Royal Caribbean Experience Fun Exceptional

royal caribbean travel photography

Royal Caribbean Towel Monkey

Matt attempted to make his own towel monkey… not bad for a first try. The head was the hard part haha

Cruise Ship Sunset

Cruise Sunset travel


Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean | Ship: Liberty of the Seas | 7 night cruise vacation leaving from Galveston | Mayan Ruins Tour: The Native Choice Tours | Snorkeling: Jolly Rogers Snorkeling booked through Royal Caribbean Shore Excursions



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  2. Tess Cox says:

    We took our first cruise ever last year and on the same ship! I had never considered going on a cruise before but it is such a perfect way to travel! And your pics are absolutely stunning.

  3. I felt like I was there! I love your water shots and underwater shoots. Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Amanda Hagood says:

    WHOA, that is some dreamy blue water! I’m glad you had a good trip! My only cruise did not go nearly this well, I’m glad it was a good time!!

  5. Erin says:

    It looks like you had a wonderful vacation and got to see some spectacular places! These can definitely be used in a Royal Caribbean ad… just saying.

  6. Marquette says:

    You have a great eye for perspective! It was cool to see such a fresh approach to vacation pics.

  7. Mercedes says:

    First time for me to ever see a towel monkey! LOL! I absolutely love your vacation photos. I think my favorite have to be the really geometric, architectural images of the ship itself. Fun adventure!

    • Haha the towel monkey was such a fun surprise to walk into our room and see! And thank you! I loved walking around the ship with my camera, just hanging out and photographing whatever stood out to me.

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