Mary Alice & Kevin’s Greenbelt Proposal


It’s always an honor to photograph important times in someone’s life. Graduation and engagement photos celebrate big accomplishments and the changes that come along with them. Weddings invite all of your friends and family to join in on the celebration too.

Proposals, though, are even more of a privilege to photograph.

For the guy, his proposal is a moment he’s planned out a million times in his head. It’s nerve-wracking and exciting and difficult to channel all of his adrenaline into pulling off an amazing surprise. For the girl, it’s one of the most incredible experiences that she didn’t even have to plan! For both of them, proposing and saying “yes” is the most serious and life changing things they’ve ever done.

And while the couple is having this one-of-a-kind moment, I’m the only other person who gets to witness it! AND, I’m trusted to be the only one to document it for their friends and family to see later on. How cool is that?

So when my friend Kevin told me about his plans to propose to his girlfriend Mary Alice, I was so excited for them and also excited about being asked to photograph the day.

Around both of their busy work schedules, Kevin made plans with Mary Alice several weeks in advance to spend a Sunday afternoon together. After weeks laying the perfect backstory, he wanted her to believe he would be too busy for anything other than a quick and casual hike to Twin Falls and an early dinner afterward.

Little did she know, he planned to propose near the falls and had invited their friends and family to surprise her afterwards at the rooftop Speakeasy bar downtown. It was perfect!

At the end of the day, I think he was more than relieved to finally let her in the secret and stop having to keep his plans from her, which I’d say is a good sign for their future marriage!

Congratulations Mary Alice & Kevin!

Austin Greenbelt Proposal

Lauren Garrison Proposal Photography

Austin Greenbelt Proposal

Austin Proposal Photographer

Austin Proposal Photographer

Austin Proposal Photography

Twin Falls Austin

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