Mercury Hall Fall Wedding | Becca & John


What a day!

When I think back on the Feeney wedding, I will always remember three key moments: Becca’s excitement to see all of the planning and decor ideas come together as she walked around the venue before the ceremony; John’s overwhelming excited reaction during their First Look and the look of pure love on his face during their portraits; and of course, how much fun EVERYONE had at the Reception.

Becca & John met each other shortly after both of them moved to Austin. Becca moved here from Louisiana and John from Idaho. They instantly connected over their shared experience of being in a new town without many friends and family. After a few years of dating, she had a ring on her finger, and they decided to officially plant their roots in Texas with Austin as their new, shared home.

Because they grew up in different areas of the country, nearly every single guest traveled in front out of state for their wedding. Some guests even came from other countries, and one of the Best Men may have had everyone beat by flying in from Germany!

I KNOW that November 10th will forever be a day that will stand out in the minds of every guest as an awesome party that they’ll never forget. And I’m sure they also loved all of the ways that the couple incorporated traditions from their home state into their wedding date – including a Louisiana style second line and a University of Idaho cake and fight song.

Becca & John’s love for traveling was a main theme of their ceremony. When listing some of his favorite qualities of Becca, John told their officiant that she is the perfect travel partner. Becca happened to list the exact same thing.

Their officiant also shared their notes to him about their teamwork and shared organizational tactics to bring their vacations to life. Never before have I heard the word “spreadsheets” used so often during a wedding ceremony!

At the end of the night, as they danced the last dance all alone in the chapel, I couldn’t help but be amazed that two people from opposite ends of the county, who happened to land in the same town at the same time, could find each other and be such a match. I guess you can call it fate!

Congratulations, Becca & John!



Photography: Lauren Garrison

Second Photographer: Kiera Wallner

Venue: Mercury Hall

Dress: Bustle Bridal

Florals: Blushing Blooms by Brennen Farlow

Hair & Makeup: Makeup by Adrienn

DJ: Joey from Complete Weddings + Events

Guitar: Aaron Goldfarb

Cake: Kayla Knight Cakes

Catering: @PEJ Events

Rentals: @Premiere Events



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