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It’s proposal season for sure!

Ben contacted me a few weeks ago to tell me about his plans to propose to his girlfriend Anna, with the help of their adorable and energetic golden retriever Charlie.

Ben had planned a special day, including a Christmas card photography session and staying the night at a hotel downtown. But little did Anna know, their photos would feature something new and sparkly other than Christmas lights.

While taking their photos, we climbed to the top of Doug Sahm Hill. While I distracted Anna, Ben put a sign around Charlie’s neck that said “Mommy, will you marry Daddy?”. This was no easy task because Charlie jumped and squirmed out of Ben’s hands every time he got ahold of him. (Charlie is huge and 2 years old, but acts exactly like a tiny puppy, which is so cute in a big dog).

Of course, this was hilarious from my perspective (see photos below), but I did my best to keep it together and act like nothing was happening behind her at all. When she turned around, she found Ben down on one knee next to Charlie with the sign. She loved it!

Afterwards, we walked around Auditorium Shores and Downtown Austin for a mini-engagement session.

Charlie’s energy attracted the attention of almost everyone we passed! He kept us laughing the entire time, and it was fun getting to see the three of them hang out as a family. I’m already looking forward to following along with them as they begin this unique time of life as an engaged couple!

Lauren Garrison Photography

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Auditorium Shores Proposal Austin

Auditorium Shores Proposal Austin

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Austin Proposal Photographer

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