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3 Mindset Shifts to Make Before Your Engagement Photos

Jul 22

Getting your photo taken by a professional is rare for most people… even for me! So when preparing for your engagement photo session, it’s normal to feel nervous.

You might feel pressure to look your best and nail every pose, but if your goal is to take natural looking photos that really show who you are, being self-conscious and worrying about your flaws won’t help.

It’s important to leave the worries behind and prepare yourself with these 3 mindset shifts before getting in front of the camera.

mindset shift number one…

1. We’re not perfect, and that’s more than ok

If you’re in your 20’s or 30’s, it’s a popular time to get married. It’s hard to scroll through Facebook without proposal or wedding photos filling your newsfeed. Of course, this isn’t a bad thing! You’re happy for your friends, and they’re happy for you, but it’s important to remember these big life milestones are not a competition.

While you look at photos of yourself and notice your flaws, other people will see your photos and LOVE them, wishing they looked at great as you.

But honestly, who cares about that anyway? Who cares if you’re not “wedding-ready” or “wedding-skinny”? The reason you take engagement photos is celebrate the fact that you’ve said YES to getting married! Take a step back and remember what a special time this is.

That being said, if there’s something specific that you’re self-conscious about, don’t be afraid to share that with your photographer. They want to make you look and feel great. They’re on your side!

2. He may not know what he’s getting into

Remember that while you’ve been scrolling through engagement photos online, your fiancé might not know what to expect.

He may think we’re going to take a few pictures and be done in 15 minutes, but that’s not the case! Make sure to show him some of your favorite engagement sessions on your photographer’s blog and explain the variety of locations, poses, and outfits involved.

Remind him that it’s going to be FUN! Brainstorm ways to make the session comfortable for both of you. Bring a bottle of champagne, go to your favorite ice cream shop or bar, or bring your dog with you. Make plans for a date night afterward by going out to dinner!


3. Relax – We don’t have to be pros

Think of your engagement session like a practice run for your wedding day. This will take all the pressure off.

Engagement photos are the perfect way to get to know your photographer and get comfortable in front of the camera. This is why I encourage all of my couples to take advantage of the complimentary engagement session that’s included with their wedding photography!

No one begins their engagement session knowing how to pose like a model, I promise. And honestly, it’s much better this way! The most important thing is to be yourself. Walk, hug, and kiss each other like you always do. I’ll make little adjustments, tell you what to do with your hands, and make you look amazing!

Bonus Tips

  • Treat yo self to a professional hair & makeup appointment! This will make you look and feel your best. It will also help you relax ahead of time.
  • Choosing the right outfits is really important! Wear quality clothes that show off your best features, and make sure your clothes coordinate without exactly “matching”. Read more outfit tips here!



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