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Crystal & Joe first met in college. Joe had noticed her but never had the opportunity to talk to her. That is until they were put in the same small group in a business class, and they became friends right away. A year later, they started dating and now they’ve been together for 4 years!

I’m sure one the first things you’ll notice about this proposal is how incredible Crystal looks in her dress. Want to hear how Joe convinced her to get so dressed up for his proposal? He deserves an award for this performance 🏆⁣

Weeks ago, Joe told Crystal that his firm was hosting a “Night Under the Stars” event at one of the prettiest spots in Austin, the Pennybacker Bridge Overlook. He told her that it would be a fancy party, and she bought a (gorgeous) new dress for the occasion. He even created a detailed calendar invite that appeared to be sent to him by his company.⁣

So they got dressed up, climbed to the top of the overlook (how she did that in heels, I don’t know 🙌🏼) and when they got to the top, there was no party. Instead, he brought her to the edge of the cliffside and proposed! 💍 She was SHOCKED. She 100% believed there was a party planned. Even after saying yes and hugging Joe, I think she still barely understood what had just happened. It was truly an insane, whirlwind moment for both of them, and I just got to witness it! 📷

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