Colorful Autumn Senior Photos | Spring & Maggie Rose


Austin had such a pretty Fall this year! 🍁 #GarrisonSeniors photographer Marci really enjoyed meeting Spring, a high school senior who took her photos in December.

Spring’s session was extra special because she chose to include her sister, Maggie Rose, who is a few years younger. They have a super close relationship, so it only made sense to take some photos together during a Friends’ Session.

Growing my team of photographers (hi, this is Lauren speaking 🙂) has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Marci did such a great job photographing this session, and I truly enjoyed editing these photos and working with Spring and her mom to plan her session. Spring and Maggie Rose both have such great smiles, and I think their happiness really comes across.

📷 Photos by Marci

Colorful Autumn Senior Photos

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