Romantic Marriage Proposal at Laguna Gloria | Terrence & Bree


#MarryMeMonday🥂 This was such a fun proposal to be a part of! Amazing decor, the cutest couple dressed to the nines, one of my fav locations, and a fun after party. It was perfect.

Terrence & Bree met in high school over 10 years ago. Last year, they reconnected and started dating! A few months ago Terrence’s mom contacted me, and we all started planning his proposal.

I loovvvvveed the decorations. The red roses looked awesome next to his & hers Louboutin sneakers! 😲

Another highlight was the neon “better together” sign, which was fastened to a wooden box. Inside the box was a wireless power source! Sorry to nerd out about this setup, but I love seeing creative ideas come to life.

Terrence told Bree that they were going to a gala at Laguna Gloria. He went above and beyond to make his story believable by getting lots of other people involved in the “gala”. She totally believed him, and she arrived in the most incredible dress. 🤩

Afterward, they had an after party at Perry’s downtown! Congrats Terrence & Bree!

Romantic Marriage Proposal at Laguna Gloria

Also, I just have to share this email from Terrence’s mom, because it made me happy. 😊

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