Sekrit Theater Greenhouse Proposal | Evan & Katie


This was a particularly magical day at The Sekrit Theater! The greenery was lush, orange flowers were blooming on the vines, and cloudy skies made everything feel cozy.🌿 It was the perfect day for Evan to propose to Katie.

Let’s back up a few years – Evan & Katie are a #CovidCouple and met through mutual friends in 2020. She had one year left of college in Indiana, and he was working in Chicago. Evan said “The timing of everything was certainly NOT in our favor haha. Nonetheless, we had our first date at a drive-in movie theater in July 2020 and became “official” a few months later in October. In 2021, I was able to convince her to move down to Austin, TX where we have happily lived together ever since!”

Evan began his proposal by revealing that he had kept the drive-in ticket all these years. 🥲

He chose this venue because he knew Katie would love the greenhouse. I think the rustic, quirky vibes were also perfect for these new Austinites.

One of the cats even made an appearance at the exact moment Evan proposed! He came out of nowhere, and it startled us all. 😂 It’s those type of unexpected little memories that I love photographing.

Sekrit Theater Greenhouse Proposal | Austin, Texas Photographer

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