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I am based in Austin, Texas and I photograph proposals all over Texas. If your proposal will be somewhere else, just ask about travel!


The Austin area has sooo many great photo locations, but there are some places that work better for proposals than others. Ask me for tips on the best places to propose in Austin!

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help! I have no idea what I'm doing.

First of all, that's totally normal. I've planned and photographed A LOT of proposals, and I've got you. I can help you choose a location, the time of day, help you book a venue, all of it. I can be as involved as you need me to be. I'll also send you my Proposal Welcome Guide. It's packed with my advice and what I've learned over the years.

Wait, will we really get our whole photo gallery in just a few hours?

Yep! You will! I know you'll want to see your photos, share them with family, and post them on social media. I don't want to make you wait days or weeks for your gallery! You'll be able to download your whole gallery of edited photos later that SAME DAY!

how long does a proposal usually last?

Each one is different, but a proposal, candid photos afterward, and the mini-engagement session usually last 30-45 minutes. I will also arrive at the location early and be ready for you to arrive.

The mini-engagement session is usually 10-15 minutes long.

what time of day is best?

At most locations, the 2 hours AFTER SUNRISE and the two hours BEFORE SUNSET are the best times of day for photos. Every location is different though, so ask me your specific questions about lighting.

What if people are around when I'm about to propose?

One of the reasons I arrive early is to make sure your proposal spot is ready for you. Right before you arrive, if anyone walks up to the spot, I'll politely ask them to leave.

WHAT SHOULD we WEAR to look great in the photos?

Good question! SO good that I wrote a blog post about it. Let's talk through your plan and we'll brainstorm ways to get her to dress nicely without giving away the plan.

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In the days leading up to your proposal, if it looks like rain will be a problem during the time scheduled, we’ll work together to find an upcoming backup time or date. A chance of light rain or sprinkles is not a problem for me, and I'd encourage you not to reschedule unless it's likely that it will actually "rain". I usually like to wait until the day before to make the final call, because it can be hard to tell what time of day the rain will come. This is unlikely to happen, though!


Contact me to check if I’m available on a certain date. We'll work together to coordinate a day that works for us both!

Because I'm also a wedding photographer, my Saturdays and Sundays during certain times of the year are busy. If you're able to propose on a weekday, that's great! Plus, she'll be less likely to see it coming on a weekday.

I want to book you! tell me how!

First, send me an email! I’ll give you more details on proposal photography packages. To save your date on my calendar, I’ll just need a signed agreement and a $150 retainer. Credit cards and bank transfers are accepted through an easy, secure online service. Your final payment (the remaining amount) is due 1 week before your proposal.


Any time, really! Most people book their proposal photography 2 months to 2 weeks before their proposal. But even if your proposal is in 3 days, contact me to see if I'm available!

Do you charge tax?

Unfortunately, the state of Texas requires that I charge the normal state sales tax of 8.25%. This is the only extra tax or fee you'll see though!


I don't, and here's why. You're hiring me for my expertise in both photography and editing.  If you love the photo style you see on my website, you'll love the style of your photos too. Your gallery will be full of high-resolution edited photos, ready to download and print.

Planning advice. A seamless experience. Super fast photo delivery.
My goal is to make this EASY for you!

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