Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas


This is my list of the best places to propose in Austin, Texas! I’ve planned and photographed A LOT of proposals (more than 300 🤯). It’s kinda my thing. So I created a list of my favorite proposal locations in and around Austin to help the couples I’m working with and anyone else who finds this post!

Are you looking for a quirky downtown location? Or a private, romantic spot in nature? This list will have what you’re looking for and help spark ideas of your own!

And remember: It’s great to choose a beautiful location, but what’s even more important is your overall experience. Be sure to consider the timing, how crowded it will be, and the story you’ll tell your partner to get them there. Read more on this topic >

If you need help planning your proposal and want awesome photos, just ask!

Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas

I’ll also give each location a Privacy Score.

1 = is not private at all. There will likely be people around while you propose.

5 = Completely private.

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Austin Overlook Proposal Best Locations

When looking a photos of overlooks, remember that just because you can’t see other people in the background of the photos, it doesn’t mean it’s a private location. Mount Bonnell and the 360 Overlook are some of the most popular and crowded tourist areas in Austin.

Mount Bonnell

Privacy Score: 2

I get the most requests for proposals at Mount Bonnell. It’s the most popular place to propose in Austin, by far, and I see why! The view is incredible. I only recommend proposing here on weekdays or weekend mornings, because it gets crowded on weekend evenings.

Mount Bonnell Austin Best Proposal Locations

The 360 Overlook

Privacy Score: 2

This view of the Pennybacker aka “360” Bridge is a classic Austin spot. Just like Mount Bonnell, it’s popularity makes it crowded. It’s important to consider the time of day and to find the right spot at the top of the overlook. I would avoid weekend evenings, because it’s usually PACKED with people.

360 Bridge Overlook Proposal Location Photos Austin

Austin Downtown Skyline Proposal Best Locations

The Boardwalk

Privacy Score: 3

YES. The boardwalk! I seriously love proposals here. You’re right on the water, have a beautiful view of downtown Austin, and it’s not nearly as busy as other areas of the Town Lake trail. My favorite spot on the boardwalk is slightly separated from the walking trail. So yes, people will be walking nearby, but it’s much more private than you’d think! You’re also guaranteed to have no other people in the background of your proposal photos.

Austin Proposal Photographer The Boardwalk

Pfluger (Lamar) Pedestrian Bridge

Privacy Score: 1

This is one of the best views of the city. It’s often crowded in the evenings with people walking their dogs or running, so you’ll need to be alright with people watching your proposal. The best lighting here can be found shortly after sunrise and just before sunset.

Auditorium Shores – Doug Sahm Hill

Privacy Score: 1-2

This spot has a great view of the downtown buildings. It’s also crowded on weekends, but because it’s smaller, it’s easier to keep people away for a few minutes.

Doug Sahm Hill - Austin, Texas - best places to propose - pictures

Zilker Park

Privacy Score: 1

Another classic park and view of downtown Austin. Super dog friendly! Mornings are the best time of day here!

Zilker Park Best Proposal Engagement Spot Idea

Texas Capitol

Privacy Score: 1

Ok, it isn’t a skyline view, but this seems like a good time to suggest proposing at the capitol!

Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas

Austin Water Town Lake Proposal Best Locations

Horseshoe Bay Resort

Privacy Score: 4

Horseshoe Bay Resort is about one hour west of Austin. There many beautiful spots in the area, but I suggest proposing in or around the Yacht Club area. Another bonus to this location is that you can spend the night (or several nights!) at the resort to celebrate.

Horseshoe Bay Resort Yacht Club Marriage Proposal | Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas

Hamilton Pool

Privacy Score: 3-4 (in the morning)

Hamilton Pool is one of the most unique and well-known natural areas in central Texas. This park requires advanced reservations and a $20 entry fee per person. Tickets sell quickly, especially on weekends. The beach area (shown below) is not very big, and it’s easy for it to feel crowded. I recommend proposing here in the morning, just after the park opens.

Hamilton Pool Photo

Town Lake Trail

Privacy Score: 1

The trail along Town Lake (or Lady Bird Lake) is one of the most “Austiny” places around. There are tons of spots along the trail that would be great for a proposal, as long as you’re ok with some people being around.

Town Lake Lady Bird Lake Trail Proposal Engagement Pictures - Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas

Lake Travis

Privacy Score: 4

Lake Travis is huge, and there are tons of scenic places you could propose along the shore, at a private home or Airbnb, or on a boat dock.

Where to propose on Lake Travis Austin

Pace Bend Park

Privacy Score: 4

This park is about 30 miles west of Austin, but it’s worth the drive to find its beautiful rocky cliff-sides. There is limited/no phone signal out there, so keep that in mind when planning.

Pace Bend Park - Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas

I love you so much wall proposal idea

“I Love You So Much” Wall

Privacy Score: 1

This is one of the most photographed places in Austin. Because of its popularity, this wall almost ALWAYS has a crowd of people waiting to take pictures with it. Proposing here in the morning will help, but if you want a private proposal, this probably isn’t the spot for you.

I love you so much wall - Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas

“You’re My Butter Half” wall

Privacy Score: 2

It’s a cute proposal spot for couples who have a quirky sense of humor. This wall is on the side of a building in East Austin, not too far from a semi-busy road, so know that the surroundings are not the most romantic, if you care about that.

You're my butter half engagement photos

Zilker Botanical Garden

Privacy Score: 3

The Zilker Botanical Garden has a ton of variety and unique spots to propose. The garden is well maintained and has areas that look beautiful and green year-round. The park requires a fee of $50 to take photos there.

Best places to propose in Austin - Zilker Botanical Garden

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Privacy Score: 2-3

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is a beautiful park and nature preserve, and it’s usually not too crowded. It’s a wonderful place to propose, and if you want to bring a photographer along (what’s up?) they require a $100 fee and reservation. Note that this park features plants that are native to Texas, and during much of the year, there are not many wildflowers.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center - Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas
Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas

St. Edwards University

Privacy Score: 4

The Sorin Oak is a special place for many St. Edwards grads. This spot on campus, along with several others, is a great spot for students to propose.

Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas - St. Edwards university

UT Austin Campus

Privacy Score: 2-4 (depending on the spot on campus)

The University of Texas campus has gorgeous architecture and is a special place for lots of UT grads!

Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas - UT Campus

If you want to guarantee a private proposal, rent a venue for an hour or two! This takes away any stress from having strangers or unknown factors affect your proposal. If you plan to have friends and family witness your proposal, or if you want to throw an afterparty, renting a venue is a great option.

Some of these venues book up weeks or months in advance, so it’s best to secure your favorite venue + photographer early! (Tip: Talk to your photographer first.)

Sekrit Theater

Privacy Score: 5

The Sekrit Theater‘s greenhouse is beautiful and super romantic. It’s tucked away in an East Austin neighborhood. The property doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the greenhouse is awesome.

The Sekrit Theater’s fee is about $300 per hour.

Sekrit Theater - Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas

Laguna Gloria

Privacy Score: 4-5

I LOVE Laguna Gloria. It’s one of my favorite places in town for photo sessions, and it’s also amazing for proposals. I recommend this venue to people who want a unique location, in a completely private setting. There are several indoor and outdoor spots here that are great for proposals!

Laguna Gloria’s fee is $150 per hour.

Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas - Laguna Gloria


Privacy Score: 5

Mattie’s is a restaurant in an old farmhouse/ early 1900’s mansion in South Austin. There are certain times of the day when the restaurant is closed but the grounds are open for free photo sessions, including proposals!

Mattie's - Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas
Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas - Mattie's Restaurant

Chapel Dulcinea

Privacy Score: 5

I love love love Chapel Dulcinea for proposals. The chapel is on top of a cliffside overlooking the hill country. Renting Chapel Dulcinea is actually FREE Monday-Thursday, but the time slots can fill up fast, because it’s a popular location for small weddings. You’ll need to check the venue’s website well ahead of time to see their availability. I know this venue seems too good to be true, but it’s real!

Chapel Dulcinea - Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas
Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas - Chapel Dulcinea

Commodore Perry Estate

Privacy Score: 3-4

This hotel and resort is simply stunning. The architecture, landscaping, fountains, and trees are mix of Texas and European styles. There are many spots here that would be great for a proposal. To propose here, you’ll need to be a guest at the hotel. 

Contact the venue for pricing.

Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas - Commodore Perry Estate

Villa Antonia

Privacy Score: 5

This is one of the BEST wedding venues in the Austin area. You’ll feel like you’re in Spain, not Texas. There are several gorgeous places you could propose here, including overlooks of the hill country. Because it’s a wedding venue, they’re more likely to be available on a weekday.

Contact the venue for pricing.

Villa Antonia Venue - Marriage Proposal Photographer - Austin Texas Hill Country Overlook

Rentals on Peerspace or Airbnb

Privacy Score: 5

If you want a location that’s super private and also super unique, look on rental websites like PeerSpace. These private decks in the photo below are an amazing location that’s actually behind a private home. I recommend booking your photographer before a venue. That way, you can hear their advice and ideas about whether or not that venue/residence would be a good place to propose.

Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas Peerspace Rental
Best Places to Propose in Texas - Lake Austin
Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas

The Texas hill country is known for its amazing wineries. Imagine proposing after a private wine tasting and winery tour, or while strolling through a vineyard 😍

Fall Creek Vineyards, Driftwood

Privacy Score: 4-5

Fall Creek Vineyards is beautiful and not too far outside of Austin! It’s also right across from Salt Lick BBQ, in case you want to have an afterparty waiting there!

Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas - Fall Creek Vineyards Winery

Duchman Winery, Driftwood

Privacy Score: 4-5

Duchman Family Winery is one of the best in the hill country! Their wedding ceremony spot is right in front of the vineyards, which makes it a great spot for your proposal too!

Texas Hill Country Winery Marriage Proposal

William Chris Vineyards, Hye

Privacy Score: 4

William Chris is an award winning winery is about 1.25 hours outside of Austin, on the way to Fredericksburg. The view is great, and the staff is very helpful. Schedule a private wine tasting before you propose.

Slate Mill Wine Collective, Fredericksburg

Privacy Score: 5

Slate Mill Wine Collective is super cute, and they have an amazing proposal package. It includes a wine tasting, chocolates, a bottle of wine, and glasses. If schedule a private tour, you can propose in their barrel room.

Surprise proposal Frederickburg Texas Winery Photographer
Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas

More vineyards & wineries:

Driftwood Estate Winery

William Chris Vineyards (Hye)

Becker Vineyards (Fredericksburg)

Airbnb Rental Engagement Marriage Proposal

I hope this list of the best places to propose in Austin, Texas has your mind racing with ideas, and that the vision for your proposal is getting a bit more clear. If you’re overwhelmed by all of the possibilities, let me assure you that it’s totally normal to feel that way. When deciding on a location, the first step is think about the things you love to do together. When in doubt, keep it simple and personalized.

If you want to talk with me about your ideas and ask about proposal photography, send me a message! I have lots of experience at these locations, and I provide helping information, maps, and personalized advice to all of my clients!

– Lauren

Lauren Garrison Proposal Photographer Austin
Best Places to Propose in Austin, Texas

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