Photographers: Why You’ll LOVE Photographing Proposals


Let’s talk about all of the reasons why photographing proposals is THE BEST!

If you’re a wedding and couples photographer (or even a senior or family photographer), proposals may another great service to add this year! It’s challenging, creative, and fulfilling, but it’s also been incredible for my business in some unexpected ways.

Let’s dive into Why You’ll LOVE Photographing Proposals! 👇

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The flexible schedule

I need to list this first, because it’s had the biggest impact on my quality of life. I’m someone who DOESN’T want to work all the time. I love my work, but I also love taking my dog for a walk and sitting on the couch watching The Office.

Here’s the gist: People propose at all times of day, on all days of the week. This means that if you want to pack your schedule and shoot a ton, you can accept an 11:00am proposal, even when you already have a session scheduled that evening at golden hour. Or, if you want to shoot while your kids are at daycare, you can!

People propose during non-peak times for all sorts of reasons. Maybe they want to catch their partner off-guard. Maybe they’re on vacation in your city, and they don’t need to wait until the weekend.

I can’t overstate how amazing this is!

Why You'll LOVE Photographing Proposals

Work with a different clientele

If you’re a couples and wedding photographer, it’s likely that you mostly communicate with brides. Well, with proposals, you’ll be planning with guys much more. This is surprisingly super fun! 

They’re usually nervous, and have never planned a surprise event. You get to build their confidence and guide them to make the best decisions. If you earn it, they’ll have total trust in you. This translates to great photos, glowing reviews, and more chances to work together later on.

Why You'll LOVE Photographing Proposals

There’s no room for editing procrastination

I deliver proposal galleries super fast! To photographers, this may sound like a negative, but I promise IT’S THE BEST. If you’re someone who puts off editing until the last minute, giving yourself less time to complete this task will help clear your back-end work.

Being completely finished with a proposal within a couple of days is so freeing. Clients also really appreciate being able to view and post their photos so quickly. Follow them on social media, and scroll through all of the supportive comments they receive. It’ll make you feel good. 😊

Why You'll LOVE Photographing Proposals

Proposals are FUN to shoot

If you love candid photography, you’ll enjoy photographing proposals. You’ll have the most genuine and emotional moments in front of your camera. 

Proposals can be challenging in the best way! If you’re ever feeling lazy about your photography, proposals will keep you on your game. There’s no room for missed shots or blurry photos, so you’ll naturally be more focussed, engaged, and creative while shooting.

Why You'll LOVE Photographing Proposals

Why You’ll LOVE Photographing Proposals

Ok, is that enough reasons for now? Are you convinced that proposal photography is pretty awesome? I have a feeling you’ll love it as much as I do. If you want to learn this unique and quickly growing form of photography, be sure to join my newsletter.

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