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One Year on My Balcony

Filed in : Personal

No, I did NOT spend an entire year trapped on my balcony (although that would be another interesting experiment), but I DID, however, spend a year photographing my balcony and the plants and animals around it. I think it’s good to have a long-term project running in the back of your mind, and when I moved into an apartment with […]


360 Overlook Proposal

Filed in : Uncategorized

This weekend I channeled my inner paparazzi to shoot a surprise proposal on the 360 Bridge Overlook in Austin. Darwin asked me a couple weeks ago if I could shoot his proposal to Michal, and while I’d never actually seen an engagement before (except for my own), I’ve seen enough romanic comedies to know what […]


Bluebonnet Season

Filed in : Personal

It’s bluebonnet season in Texas, ya’ll! I can’t pass up a good field of wildflowers– especially ones that only last a few weeks and especially the state flower of Texas– so this weekend I drove through the Texas hill country and stopped at a couple spots along Highway 2244 and Highway 360 to shoot patches […]



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