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Micro Wedding at Josephine House | Chanel & Jonathan

Filed in : For Photographers, Wedding

I wish we could show these photos to 7th grade friends Chanel & Jonathan. Their micro wedding at Josephine House would probably blow their minds. 🤯 The Jelinek wedding! THIS is exactly why I loooooove small weddings. Nothing about Chanel & Jonathan’s wedding was boring, stock, or overly traditional. They made their wedding day completely […]


3 Things to Look For When Location Scouting

Filed in : For Photographers

    1. Background Interesting, but not too distracting Variety without having to walk too far 2. Light Start with a great background + golden light Look for open well-lit backgrounds 3. Environment Look for distractions and conflicts Check the location on the same day of the week   Learn More About the Mini-Sessions Follow […]


Take Your Vacation Photos to the Next Level

Filed in : For Photographers, Personal

Whether you’re a professional photographer, an amateur photojournalist, or a tourist with an iphone, we take so many pictures while on vacation because we want to be able to relive the best moments of our trip. At the end of a vacation, you’ve taken a handful of postcard-worthy photographs, but the photos in your album […]



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