Trip to White Sands


This weekend my photographer coworkers at the DT and I drove to White Sands National Monument and Park in New Mexico. We’ve been talking about going for a couple years and it’s never worked out, but we finally made the trip out there for the first day of spring break.

The great thing about traveling with photographers is that stopping along the side of the highway to shoot something is not only acceptable, but expected. We saw an irrigation system watering a field of crops and we stopped to take some photos. I got pretty wet while taking this photo, but it was worth it.


Along the side of the road to White Sands.

After spending a night in El Paso, we made it to White Sands.


Despite a pretty much perfect weather forecast, a storm came through in the afternoon. Brad and I had walked pretty far through the hills when the sand storm hit, which made it interesting trying to find our way back to the car.

I used my keen stalking skills to follow this guy and his dog walking into the storm.


Isaac shooting from atop a hill just before a storm rolled through.


(c) Lauren Pape

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  1. […] this case, we decided to trek out to White Sands National Park, outside of Alamogordo, New Mexico. Lauren Pape, Casey Hitchcock and I decided to drive down to El Paso on Friday to meet up with Isaac Villalobos. […]

  2. […] Lauren Pape, Casey Hitchcock and I decided to drive down to El Paso on Friday to meet up with Isaac Villalobos. As photographers would, we tend to stop along side the road to take pictures of the nature and landscape. In this case, we found a center pivot irrigation system watering some crops outside of Seagraves, Texas. […]

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