5 Tasks NOT to Save For The Week of Your Wedding


Let’s get right to it!


1. Finishing DIY Projects

DIY project can be a great way to personalize decorations and your guests’ experience, but be careful not to fall into a common Pinterest trap!

Seeing a perfectly photographed finished products online makes some projects look easier than they are, so don’t take on too many DIY projects or try something that is realistically outside of your ability.

Projects involving flowers or food need to be saved for the final days or hours before your wedding, but most can be completed weeks or even months ahead of time and stored in a safe place.

To avoid scrambling to finish your DIY endeavors at the last minute, set deadlines for finishing each project and give yourself some buffer time just in case!



2. Writing Your Vows

Take it from me, the person who spent a whole hour on the morning of my wedding transcribing my vows from a computer to paper. Let’s just say that I didn’t take some of this advice to heart myself (whoops!).

Of course, I planned on writing them before this moment, but other unexpected tasks pushed it further and further back on my list.

So please, learn from my mistake! Because not only did I NOT get to spend that time with my family and bridesmaids, but I didn’t put the quality time into my vows that I should have.


3. Paying Your Vendors

At the end of your engagement, the money you’ve spent on your wedding may start to feel like a heavy weight on your shoulders. Last minute purchases may come up, so it’s best to have your biggest costs out of the way.

Most vendors ask for their last payment several weeks before your wedding day, and this is great for you too! You’ll go into the final week knowing where you’ve landed on your budget and won’t have to worry about big unexpected expenses.

Also, your mom will appreciate not having to leave the Reception to pull out her check book!



4. Getting Everyone on the Same Page

Most couples (and most brides particularly) do most of the planning themselves. They have the vision and make it happen.

But it’s important to delegate certain tasks in the weeks leading up to your wedding. The last thing you want is being the only one with answers if/when questions come up. Trust me, giving your caterer directions to your venue is not how you’ll want to spend your morning.

Share the timeline with your parents and wedding party. Give your vendors’ contact information to your maid of honor. Put your coordinator in charge of handling problems that arise.

And… don’t wait until the morning of your wedding day to do it!


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5. Realizing You’re Getting Married!

You hear the Ceremony music. You take a sip of champagne and peak through the window blinds to see the first guests starting to arrive.

DON’T let this be the first moment that you allow yourself to relax and let the reality of the day sink in! Because after all, the whole purpose of this planning is to be married at the end of the day.

Take time during your engagement to talk with your fiancé about life beyond your wedding. This will build excitement – not nerves – for your wedding day and will help avoid any “cold feet” situations.




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