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3 Ways to Make Your Wedding Your Own

Mar 7



1. Do it Yourself

We all know that DIY wedding projects are super popular right now! The era of Pinterest has made is so easy to find creative ideas for your wedding, and aside from the potential financial benefits of making your decorations instead of purchasing them from a store, there are other reasons why DIY projects are a great option.

Think about your DIY projects as an opportunity to make your wedding more personal. By making your decorations yourself, you’re able to put your own spin on classic looks. Choosing materials and putting things together with your own hands will allow you to have complete control of the final product. Can’t find table runners in the right shade of purple? Buy some fabric and make them yourself. Have a unique idea for table place cards that isn’t available to purchase at a store? Buy what you need at a craft store and get to work!

You’ll also be more invested in your decorations and in the style of your wedding. Looking around on your wedding day and knowing that YOU created the beautiful things around you, can be a really satisfying experience. This will make your wedding day detail photos even more special.

Remember to give yourself plenty of time of work on these DIY projects, and don’t be too hard on yourself when comparing what you’ve created to the perfect, store-bought alternative.

If you’re telling yourself that you’re not creative enough to come up with your own authentic ideas, that’s just not true! Spend some time away from the computer and the bridal magazines, and dream up how you would want your wedding to look and what you would want your guests to do there. If money was no issue and you could create anything in the world, what would it be? That’s a great starting point, and it leads us to tip #2…


This bride and groom loved penguins so…


2. Stop Listening to So Much Advice

As soon as you’re engaged, everyone will want to give advice on EVERY detail of your wedding. Your family members who got married 40 years ago will suddenly be experts in wedding planning and will have something to say (good or bad) about every decision you make. While it’s great to listen to these old-timers marriage advice (I mean, 40 years is impressive!), they may not be up-to-date on the intricacies of pulling together a wedding in 2017.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in all of the ideas being thrown your way and forget what you actually want, or even forget to consider what you want at all. It’s important to trust your gut when making decisions and only involve a few outside people in the planning process. There will be times for friends and family to get involved, but daily decisions are best made by the bride and groom.

That being said, the PEOPLE in your life are not even the biggest influencers! While you’re engaged, it’s almost impossible to stop thinking about your wedding, because everywhere you look, the world is reminding you of your growing to-do list and placing an overwhelming amount of ideas and inspiration in your lap. With ads and articles following you around the internet, perfectly-styled magazines on the shelves, and daily emails from The Knot, how are you supposed to form your own ideas and decide how you want YOUR wedding to go down?

Limit yourself to only a few sources of information, and don’t get too caught up in what everyone else has done. Be yourself and come up with your own ideas that will make your wedding your own. That leads us to tip #3…



3. Work Together


I’ve saved the best for last. When planning a wedding, the most important (and most overlooked) thing to remember is that you are a team. This is not the only the bride’s wedding, and taking time early on to talk about how you envision your wedding day will give you so many ideas.

Talk about things you’ve seen at other weddings that would be fun to tweak for yourselves. Think about how you can incorporate your hobbies or favorite tv shows into your activities and decor. Any way that you can include your own personalities into the day will make it more special for you and for your guests.

Along the same lines…

One of the first things most couples do when they start planning their wedding is decide what “type” of wedding they will have. Will it be a rustic country chic wedding or a quirky earthy bohemian wedding? We feel like we need to choose a style, collect the decor and clothing items that style requires, and do our best to pull it off for ourselves. We challenge ourselves to perfectly mimic or even one-up a trendy style that’s been done 100 times. And if we pull it off for ourselves, we win…….wait, what do we win? Well, unless that style was really what we would have chosen regardless of what everyone else is doing, than the only thing we win is someone else’s dream wedding.

So mostly importantly, talk to each other about what you want the day to look like, and you can’t go wrong!


Bonus Tip: Buy & create decorations that can be reused as home decor

Decorating a wedding is like pretending to be an interior designer for a year, so buying items with the intention of reusing them after your wedding is always a plus! Only purchasing items that are your true style and that will look good in your home will ensure that you don’t waste time and money on items that you may not like later on.

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