Favorite Photos of 2018


2018! What a year.

I photographed more weddings, more couples, more high school and college seniors, and (WAY) more proposals than any year before. I loved it! Seriously, I have a cool job.

To begin 2019, I first need to take another look at 2018, because it was so good that it deserves a few extra days.

I’m taking another look at my absolute favorite photos of the year, and let me warn you, this post is long but worth the scroll!

Best Proposal Moments

Best Wedding Details

Best Reception Dancing

Best Touching Moments

Best Engagement Photos

Best Bride & Groom Portraits

Best Behind the Scenes


Best Proposal Moments

Paris’ reaction to Nathan’s proposal was just perfect. She was SO happy!

She was also surprised by another surprise…a crowd of 30 members of their family and friends!

Roger & Maria’s proposal at Auditorium Shores was so ideal… perfect weather, perfect outfits (don’t they look amazing together?), and a perfect skyline backdrop.

Aaron’s proposal to Jess might win the “most creative” award. He proposed at the end of their escape room.

These sunset portraits after Rachel & Bruce’s Skyline Theater proposal HAD to make the list.

If you can believe it, HE is the Bachelor fan and wanted to recreate a rose ceremony. She accepted the final rose!

Kevin & Mary Alice’s proposal white hiking at the greenbelt was the most real-life proposal I’ve witnesses.

Best Wedding Details

These invitations were designed by bride Jenny!

Love this color scheme for a bouquet, love this century chair…yep!

I’m always looking for interesting places to hang shoes!

…and dresses!

I’m crazy about these stained glass windows at Mercury Hall.

Becca & John’s hand written vows were too cute. Becca wrote hers on Courtyard Marriott stationary!

The table setup at Addie’ & Jason’s wedding used crystal cups and vases from many of Addie’s family members and guests.

Joe’s sister (a seriously talented graphic designer) created these custom illustrations of them in their natural habitat; on a bike and with their adorable corgi.

Side note – A TON of my couples have corgis, and I’m not complaining.

And of course I had to feature this summer’s boho styled shoot!

This stunning and unique bouquet + the awesome floor at The Union on Eighth = my favorite combination.


Best Reception Dancing

There’s always a kid who takes over the dance floor. Every single time.

…but sometimes the adults know how to party too.


Best Touching Moments

emotional wedding photos

John’s reaction to seeing Becca during their First Look was the BEST.

And their last dance all alone in the Reception hall was pretty great too.

These two were some of the youngest little wedding party members I’ve seen, and they did such a good job of getting down the aisle smiling the whole time!

A prayer with Addie’s bridesmaids before the Ceremony.

Spontaneous group hugs were the theme of Jenny & Blake’s wedding.

Kendall & Hunter’s private last dance was emotional. His grip on her is strong!

Grandmas hugging brides. Get me a tissue!


Best Engagement Photos

Becca & John’s engagement session was unexpectedly rainy, but they were awesome and handled it so well.

Ivan’s cowboy hat was such a fun addition to their Texan themed bluebonnet engagement photos.

And they couldn’t stop laughing, which is a recipe for amazing photos.

Jessica & Jordan and this cute hat!

Miranda & Chris were gorgeous at this hidden spot near the 360 bridge.

Jenny & Blake make each other really happy, and being yourself and having fun with your photos is the most important thing. (which is why their wedding photos also made this “Best of” list!)

See what I’m saying about the corgis?? And BRINGING your dog to your engagement session will make me your #1 fan.

But even without @PineappletheCorgi by their side, Angela & Matthew are stunning together.

Whataburger Engagement Photos

Whataburger engagement photos?? YES!

Whataburger Engagement Photos ring ketchup

Yeah, this was a first!

Whataburger Engagement Photos

Loved Mary Alice & Kevin’s unique ideas for their photos.

Best Bride & Groom Portraits

I. love. this. photo. so. much.

Again, Jenny & Blake have that magic thing goin’ on. Plus, this sunset was just what we needed after a rainy day.

OK, ONE more from the Macha wedding.

ALL of the Airstream portraits at the MacWatters wedding.

Austin boho wedding style

Janessa & Matt & this amazing tree.

… & Burt!

…and while I’m showing photos of dogs.

This sunlight!

Best Behind the Scenes

Disclaimer: Yes, I KNOW, that I tend to wear the same 2-3 outfits to every single wedding, but hey, I know what I like.

Up and down. Up and down. This is why my legs hurt at the end of every wedding.

Janessa & Rebecca were 2016 UT seniors of mine, then 2017 bride and 2018 bride!

Another LG couples reunion! Kayla & TJ (2018) and Megan & Jeff (2017)

And lastly… a couple of photos of me with my arm in it’s natural position. (I’ll have my arm like this for 90% of your wedding day.)

My takeaways…

Whew! That was a lot to review, and I’m sure I missed a bunch of photos that should be on this list, but it’s 2019 and I need to start looking forward!

Thank you SO SO MUCH to every single person I worked with in 2018. From my inspiring couples, to incredible vendors, to my awesome second shooters, to the friends and family members at each wedding who made my job really fun.

In each of these photos, I see two consistent themes:

  1. Real, genuine emotion and connection between my couples and those they love, and…
  2. Colorful settings with beautiful, natural light! And a lot of both.

Do you love the same things? Let’s talk!



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