Adventurous Rattlesnake Lake Washington Couples’ Photos


Emma & Joab have know each other since they were kids. They met in middle school choir class, were friends in high school, and secretly liked each other all along. Joab says he was super awkward and nervous around Emma, and based on their stories, he’s not kidding 😂

His friends set them up on a group date, and after saying “hello” to her at the start, he didn’t say another word for the rest of the 3 hour date!

When they were 17, he worked up the courage to ask her out on an official date, and formed a master plan in his mind. It would all take place at Starbucks, he thought. And when the time came to propose his plan, he asked her “Do you like coffee?”, thinking it would be an easy way to start the conversation. When she replied “Nope”, he panicked and followed up with “Do you like other hot beverages?”

Nailed it. She was in.

After that, they truly became a couple with the most classic American high school love story I’ve ever heard. It involves a homecoming dance, a romantic climb up a water tower, and missing her curfew by a solid 3 hours. Don’t worry, he tried to make it up to her parents by gathering about 50 roses from his friends’ homecoming boutonnieres 🌹He presented the assortment of flowers to her parents while dropping her off at 3:00am. I’m hoping they’ve forgiven him and forgotten that first impression, because now they’re married!

We took Emma & Joab’s adventurous couples portraits near a gorgeous lake in Washington. Clearly they’ve come a long way since their middle school days! Scroll down to see the connection and natural chemistry they have together today 🤯 Like, WOAH.

This session was a TON of fun because they were willing to do literally anything I asked…and more! They weren’t afraid to climb giant tree stumps and get their boots super muddy.

Emma & Joab – I’m so happy to have met you and heard your love story!

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