Ramu & Veena’s Creative Proposal at Lou Neff Point


Alright, get ready to see one of the most creative and personalized marriage proposals EVER!

Ramu wanted to propose to Veena in a way that incorporated their dog Lolly, her love of Austin, and her artistic side. He totally nailed it.

He said they recently talked about how fun it would be to have a caricature made of themselves. So when they stumbled upon a caricature artist while walking Lolly downtown, they were excited to sit down for a little session.

After a few minutes, the artist, Kaci Beeler, told them that the caricature was finished. When Veena got up to see it, what she found was NOT even a caricature. Instead, she found an original piece of artwork depicting Ramu proposing to Veena in that exact spot. As soon as she realized what was happening, she turned around to find Ramu on one knee behind her!!

Just incredible.

Afterward, they went to her favorite restaurant, Better Half, to find their friends and family waiting to celebrate with them!

Congratuatlions, Veena & Ramu!

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Shoutout to the amazing artist, Kaci Beeler!!

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