Winter Proposal at The Sekrit Theater | Austin & Alexis


Austin & Alexis’ love story could be a MOVIE. While hiding out in a local bar during a hurricane, their mutual friend introduced them. Ok, that’s all we need to know. That’s the movie! 😂

But wait, it continues.

They started dating soon after, but they lived in different places, so they decided to date long-distance. This continued for more than a year, until March 2020 when they quarantined together. Well, a short quarantine turned into many months, and they loved finally living in the same place. At the end of their quarantine, Alexis moved to St. Louis to be with him! They bought a house, settled in with their adorable cat, and life was good. 😌

By December 2020, Austin couldn’t wait to take the next step by asking Alexis to marry him. They’d talked several times about potentially moving to Austin some day, so he planned a trip and decided this is where he wanted to propose!

They’re such a COOL couple, and The Sekrit Theater was the perfect venue for them. It has just the right amount of classic romantic vibes and quirky charm.

Congratulations, Austin & Alexis!!

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