Romantic Downtown Austin Marriage Proposal | Ileana & Paul


A few weeks ago, Paul reached out to me with a creative idea for proposing to his girlfriend Ileana. He knew she would want her family to see them get engaged, so with the help of Ileana’s sister Sara, he came up with a plan to make it happen!

First, Sara told Ileana that she had organized a “family photo session” as a gift for their mom’s birthday. The whole family got together, and we started taking photos at Auditorium Shores. After a few minutes, I led them to Doug Sahm Hill. As we neared the top, music began playing, and just as Ileana started to wonder what was happening, she saw Paul standing on top of the hill. 😍 With her family watching, and with Forever Like That by Ben Rector playing, she joined Paul in an arc of roses.

Paul didn’t fully script what he planned to say, but he wanted to sneak in a joke to make her laugh during his proposal. At one point, he mentioned that he spent a lot of time putting together an outfit she would love. He even managed to find his shirt on sale for $5. 😂 Afterward, she joked that in that moment, he couldn’t put the ring on her finger fast enough. Any guy who can find a great sale is a keeper 😜

Paul’s entire proposal was super romantic and surprising for Ileana… and for some of her family who didn’t know the photo session was a disguise for his proposal!

Congratulations, you two!

👇This is Ileana commented on his nice outfit🤣

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