Romantic Sekrit Theater Greenhouse Proposal | Kilian & Elizabeth


#MarryMeMonday🥂 Today we’re featuring Elizabeth & Kilian, who have been engaged for less than 24 hours!⁣

They live near Houston, and Kilian planned a fun day of activities in Austin. Toward the end of the day, Kilian gave Elizabeth two clues about where they were going next. 1. It was somewhere they’d already been on a previous trip ATX, and 2. It was somewhere she would really like. Well, that was only half true.😜⁣

He asked her to put on a blindfold, and they drove about 15 minutes to a mystery location. As they drove, Elizabeth wracked her brain thinking about all the places they had been in Austin.⁣

When they got out of the car, she stepped onto what felt like rocky ground. She immediately thought “Oh no, I’ll have to hike the greenbelt in heels. Ok, here we go!”😅 But after a few steps, Kilian took off her blindfold, and she saw a greenhouse, covered in lush trees and vines.⁣

He led her down the steps and onto a trail of rose petals. He dropped to one knee, and she was nearly speechless as he pulled out the ring box. The second she saw the ring, I heard her say, “This is the prettiest ring I’ve ever seen!!” 🥰⁣

THIS is why I love being a proposal photographer. I enjoyed their proposal so much. They’re the type of people who you feel like you’ve known forever, even though it’s been 20 minutes. I feel so lucky to have witnessed this moment.⁣

Congratulations Kilian & Elizabeth!

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