Intimate Garden Inspired Wedding at Mattie’s | Leana & Brice


“Romantic, intimate, spring colors, greenhouse, lit, a good time“… These are all words Leana used to describe how she wanted their wedding at Mattie’s to look and feel. And this 100% describes how it was!

A majority of the guests were from out of state, primarily California, where Leana & Brice are from. The couple met in California, then moved to Austin for a few years, and are now live in LA. They wanted their friends and family to experience Austin and understand why they fell in love with the city, so they got married here!

The whole group felt like one big family. Everywhere you looked, people were hugging and laughing hysterically.

And let’s talk about the reception space…. Y’ALL. It was incredible. Over and over again, I saw guests go speechless after walking under the tent. From the hanging greenery, to the whimsical design of the florals, to the disco balls on the ceiling, it was actually breathtaking.

One of my favorite moments of the day was Leana & Brice’s entrance into the reception. The wedding party formed a tunnel, and the guests waved napkins over their heads and SCREAMED when they walked into the tent. The guests screamed so loud, I might have hearing damage. 👏 I’ve never seen a situation where “🎶 the party don’t start ’til I walk in” was more true. Everyone went wild.

When Leana spoke to everyone later, she said something like “This may be a black tie wedding, but I want y’all to PARTY. Seriously, take your shirts off. It’s hot.”

Another favorite moment was during Leana’s sister’s toast. Leana is now Mrs. Savage (amazing right?), but her sister said she’s always been a savage. Even though Leana is older, she always made her sister sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door so ghosts and burglars would reach her first. 😂

I also looovved the Polynesian Money Dance, which I had never seen before! It was a cool way for Leana to honor her heritage and remember the times she lived in Hawaii. Leana danced beautifully, and again, the crowd screamed SO loud while they watched and threw dollar bills at her.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Savage!

Intimate Garden Inspired Wedding at Mattie’s


Venue: Mattie’s

Florals: Stems of ATX

Hair & Makeup: Lola Beauty ATX

DJ: Bat City Beats

Dinner + Deserts: Mattie’s

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