From @garrisonseniors: Our 5 Favorite Prompts For Senior Photos


We’re starting a series showing Our 5 Favorite Prompts for Senior Photos! Notice that we use the word “prompt” instead of pose. Our style is all about movement! Even though photos are still, let’s pretend we’re taking videos instead. Imagine how much more interesting and diverse your videos will be if you’re constantly moving around, instead of standing still. We do our best to keep you moving, and it makes the whole session more fun!⁣

Prompt 1: Look over your shoulder

We often ask seniors to walk away or sway back and forth while doing this. It’s a flattering angle, and it has lots of potential for hair movement, which we love!

Prompt 2: Play with your hair/ outfit

This prompt is the most natural for many people! It’s normal to play with your hair, clothes, and jewelry. You probably do this without even realizing it.

Flowy dresses are the best!💃🏻They look great on everyone, and there’s lots of fabric to play with. Spinning, swaying, and dancing prompts all look great with flowy dresses.

This is also a good time to mention that scheduling a professional hair & makeup appointment is a good idea if you want to treat yo’ self.💄Pro hair styling and products can help your hair last longer in the heat and stand up to wind.

Prompt 3: Treat your graduation gown like a cape

We bet you didn’t guess this prompt!😜 What do we mean by this? Well, most seniors don’t like wearing their graduation gown for too many photos, but if you decide to wear it, why not make these photos just as fun as the others?🎓 After we take a few classic photos in your gown (your grandma will want them), we may ask you to spin around and walk while swaying your gown around.

Just like with flowy dresses, your gown has the potential to look really cool in photos! Even though these are the more traditional photos, let’s have fun with it! 📷

Prompt 4: Step back and forth

This is another prompt that might sound weird at first, but it’s actually really easy. Simply step back and forth, side to side, or any direction. Kick your legs around. Just keep moving. The more you move, the more natural your body will look. We won’t ask you to do anything that’s way out of your comfort zone, but trust us with this one. 😊

This prompt really highlights your legs and your shoes, whether they’re heels or cowboy boots.

We usually like to begin with this prompt, or something similar to this. It’s super easy, and the movement helps get out any nerves at the start of the session.

Prompt 5: Bring a prop to interact with

Whether it’s confetti, champagne, posters, pets, props related to your major or hobbies… we’d love to hear your ideas! 🎉

We encourage you to bring 3 props 𝘢𝘵 𝘮𝘰𝘴𝘵. If you bring more than 3, it may be hard to include them all. We don’t want the whole session to do based around the props, but they’re a fun thing to add.

This wraps up our series!📷 Let us know if you learned anything that will help you prepare for your senior photos. Even if you’ll use these tips to uplevel your selfies, we’re excited about it!

Our 5 Favorite Prompts For Senior Photos

5 Favorite Prompts For Senior Photos

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