Getting Awesome Wedding Photos: The Do’s and Don’ts


Wondering how to make the most of your wedding photography? How to have amazing photos that completely capture what it was like to be there? Or how to make sure your photographer understands your vision and what’s most important to you?

These are the most important Do’s and Don’ts to ensure your wedding photos turn out amazing and are the perfect representation of your wedding day. Let’s dig in!!


Do this

Find the right match

Choose a photographer whose style you connect with and whose personality clicks with yours. Looking through a photographer’s website and Instagram is a great place to get to know them. If you love their work and they seem like someone you could even be friends with, that’s a great match!

Ask your photographer for help with your timeline

They’ll know how much time you should allow for different parts of the day, and where you should leave buffer time just in case.

Work with your photographer before your wedding day

Engagement photos and and bridal portraits are the perrrrrrfect way to get comfortable behind the camera and familiar with your photographer’s way of shooting. As important as it is for your photographer to know you and your personalities, it’s as important for YOU to know what to expect too.

Consider what’s important to you

…and then tell your photographer. If you’re really excited about having a First Look with your grandpa or including your dog in some portraits, let’s do it! Those ideas you have bouncing around in your head are probably awesome!

Trust your photographer

When it comes to choosing portrait locations or finding the best light, trust your photographer’s ideas.


Have fun, smile and laugh! This may seem obvious, but the more fun you’re having, the better your photos will look.

Don’t do this

Don’t make a long shot list

While it’s helpful to create a detailed list of family portrait combinations, don’t worry about giving your photographer a list of what shots to get throughout the whole day. They’ll know to focus on big moments (like walking down the aisle and your first dance). That being said, you may want to mention the moments or events that are specific to your wedding day – like if your college fight song will be played during the Reception.

About 3 weeks before a wedding, I’ll send you a Wedding Day Questionnaire that will ask for this information.

Don’t spend too much time on Pinterest

Pinterest can be an amazing tool for sparking creative ideas or getting started on DIY projects, but it can also make you lose sight of your own vision and ideas. Instead, take some time looking at your saved pins and brainstorm together on what you want your wedding to look like and what moments matter the most.

Don’t worry about the timeline during your wedding

If you’ve communicated well with your photographer, coordinator and venue, and you’ve worked together to create a thoughtful timeline, there’s no need to spend your wedding day worrying about staying on track. Let your vendors take care of that!

Don’t feel like you need to be perfect

Don’t ever feel like you need to look like a model, or nail a perfect pose, or suck in your stomach for every photo. The more time you spend enjoying the moment and being yourself, the more your wedding photos will look like YOU, and the more they will perfectly capture who you both were on that important day. You’re freaking beautiful, so have all the confidence in the world!


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