My Biggest Wedding Day Tip


Anyone who’s planned a wedding has had a conversation that went something like this…

And by the end of it, you look just like Pam does. They obviously don’t get it, but you wonder if any amount of explaining would really help. You sigh and move on, but when your wedding day comes, this problem will come up again, and you may have guests that really need information. So how do you plan to handle that?

In the LG Newsletter this week we discussed delegation. You know, that thing you’re supposed to do but don’t really want to do. It’s the whole idea of taking the projects you’ve been working on for a year and handing them off to someone else to finish up. It can be tough to let someone else take your vision from a dream to reality, because 1. Seeing your wedding day ideas come to life is the FUN part and 2. Only you really know the master plan for how everything is supposed to look and fit together.

Is this making sense? Anyone who’s planned a wedding is nodding “yes” right now, I just know it.

Delegating is handing the reins to someone else, and it’s takes trust. But before you start wondering which of your friends can handle the most important tasks on your to-do list, know that the big things can stay on your list. The key to successful delegation is giving the right tasks to the right people.

First, take a look at the tasks left on your list and assign yourself to complete only the items that are essential that you do yourself. Then, look at the remaining tasks and think about taking someone up on their offer to help. They won’t mind a quick trip to Hobby Lobby to buy craft supplies or 30 minutes spent stuffing envelopes. In fact, you may find that people will truly enjoy being a part of the process. With a little instruction, you’ll get all of the tasks on your list checked off in no time.

Now to the biggest and best piece of wedding day advice I can give….


Make sure YOU (the bride and groom) are NOT the main point of contact for your guests on your wedding day.


Actually, you may not want to be the point of contact for some of your vendors either.

When someone misplaces the rings, or the power goes out in the chapel, or your caterer gets a flat tire, the LAST people who should be called in to diffuse those situations is the couple. Luckily this is the easiest thing to delegate! Most brides and grooms don’t want to be on the phone with Uncle George 20 minutes before they walk down the aisle. Let someone else give him directions!

If you’ve hired a coordinator, than this is their moment to shine! If you don’t have a professional running the show, the perfect candidate for your go-to person is a friend or family member who knows day’s timeline well and knows many of your guests. Maid of Honors are usually perfect for this role, and if you arm them with the information they need, it’s an easy job.


Here’s the information your go-to person should have:

  • Vendors names and contact info
  • Wedding Party names and cell phone numbers
  • Venue addresses and directions
  • Timeline of the day’s events including when each vendor should arrive


Make sure guests and wedding party members know to direct questions to this person. This gets everyone else off the hook and ensures that correct information will be spread to those who need it.

Taking just a little time to prepare for non-ideal situations can save you a lot of stress and worry on your wedding day! But most importantly, remember that no matter what happens with the details, you’ll still get married, and that’s what matters in the end.



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