5 Ways Your Wedding Photos Won’t Ever Be Forgotten


I truly believe that investing in your wedding photography is one of the most important things you can do. After your wedding day, the cake will be eaten, the flowers will wilt, and your dress may hang in a closet without being seen for years.

But do you know what will be seen? The photos of your cake, your flowers, your dress, and the very first memories of your lives as husband & wife!

The trick to remembering your wedding day well and enjoying those memories for years to come is having photographs that you seen often. But if you’re the type of person who still has memory cards full of vacation pictures from 2002 that you haven’t seen, than how are you supposed to keep track of hundreds of wedding photos?

I’m here to help! I’ve listed the 5 ways to ensure that your wedding photos won’t EVER forgotten…and trust me, you can easily do all of these!

  5 Ways to Ensure Your Wedding Photos Won’t Ever Be Forgotten


1. Love Your Photos

The first step to remembering your wedding photos is simple… LOVE your photos!

If you’re constantly reminded of that fun photo of your bridesmaids popping champagne or the emotional shot of your husband’s face when he saw you walking down the aisle, you’ll want to see those photos again and again!

So Step #1 is to hire a photographer who will find those moments and photograph them in a way that you’ll always remember.


5 Ways to Ensure Your Wedding Photos Won’t Ever Be Forgotten


2. Share Your Gallery

After you receive your wedding gallery, make sure to share it! Your friends and family will want to see your photos, so remember to send them the entire gallery or post your favorite photos on social media. You’ll have amazing Instagram posts for life!

The great thing about sharing your memories to Facebook is that the app will send you yearly reminders about your posts!



3. Print and Frame Them

There’s something cool about physically holding your wedding photos in your hands, so printing your photos in a must. I have tons of wedding photos framed around my house, and I love that seeing them as part of my every day!

Right after you receive your gallery, select a few of your favorite photos to print, make a Target run for some frames, and plan where they’ll go in your home. It’s so easy to order prints online!




4. Order an Album

Your wedding photos belong on your walls AND your coffee table! The best way to relive your wedding day from start to finish is to flip through the pages of an album.

Read tips on how to create an awesome album



5. Give Gifts

Albums, canvases and framed photos are perfect Christmas gifts for your family members and wedding party!


And While You’re at it…

…apply these same principles to the other photos in your life! Sharing and printing your vacation and family photos, and even pictures from your phone, is the best way to remember your life and preserve your memories.


5 Ways to Ensure Your Wedding Photos Won’t Ever Be Forgotten

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