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Sekrit Theater Greenhouse Proposal | Evan & Katie

Filed in : Proposal

This was a particularly magical day at The Sekrit Theater! The greenery was lush, orange flowers were blooming on the vines, and cloudy skies made everything feel cozy.🌿 It was the perfect day for Evan to propose to Katie. Let’s back up a few years – Evan & Katie are a #CovidCouple and met through […]


Sekrit Theater Greenhouse Engagement Photos | Meghan & Tyler

Filed in : Engagement

Meghan & Tyler started their Sekrit Theater greenhouse engagement session by telling me that they were a little nervous because they’ve never taken photos together, but I assured them it would be fun. I said that it’s ok if it takes a few minutes to feel comfortable and let go. But then we started taking […]


Maternity Photos at The Sekrit Theater Greenhouse | Miranda & Chris

Filed in : Maternity

Miranda & Chris’ Maternity Photos at The Sekrit Theater greenhouse are some of my favorites ever. I photographed their wedding in 2019, and it’s cool to see them now preparing to be parents! Maternity Photos at The Sekrit Theater Greenhouse


Romantic Sekrit Theater Greenhouse Proposal | Kilian & Elizabeth

Filed in : Proposal

#MarryMeMonday🥂 Today we’re featuring Elizabeth & Kilian, who have been engaged for less than 24 hours!⁣ They live near Houston, and Kilian planned a fun day of activities in Austin. Toward the end of the day, Kilian gave Elizabeth two clues about where they were going next. 1. It was somewhere they’d already been on […]



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