3 Reasons Why Mini-Sessions Are Awesome


So what’s the big deal with “mini-sessions”, and why are they so great?

Mini-Sessions are simply a shorter version of regular photo session. Photographers group multiple sessions together in one day, back-to-back. The date, time, and location are predetermined. All you need to do is sign up.

It’s a simple and cost effective way to work with a professional photographer, and that photographer can pack lots of sessions into one event. It’s win/win for everyone.

I also love mini-sessions because I get to work with people who I normally wouldn’t meet. I’m primarily a wedding and senior photographer, so this gives me a chance to photograph a wider range of clients.

Keep reading to hear my top 3 reasons why mini-sessions are awesome 👇

1. They’re quick and simple

There is NO easier way to update photos of yourself or your family than by scheduling a mini-session. There’s no back-and-forth with scheduling dates and times, because the time slots are already planned and ready to choose from!

I hold mini-session events in the Spring and Fall, and I choose locations where I have experience shooting and that will look great during that time of the year.

2. They’ll help you update your photos often

If you’re like me, you understand the value of documenting your life and memories. Your future self will thank you!

A lot of people have the best intentions to take photos often, but actually doing it is another story. From the outside, the whole process can seem overwhelming or complicated.

If you are someone who’s been putting it off, welcome to the world of mini-sessions! It couldn’t be more simple.

There are families and couples who I’ve photographed 6+ times. They’ve made mini-sessions a yearly or biannual tradition. It’s amazing how quickly kids change, in both looks and personality. Having professional photos to document that change is really special.

3. Your friends and family will love it too

The reason why my Fall Mini-Sessions book up especially quickly is that October/early November is the time to start thinking about Christmas cards and presents. There’s honestly nothing easier to give as a gift than photos of yourself or your family – in a card, in a frame, in an album. Grandparents especially love this!

Posting your photos on social media and sending them in a text is also appreciated by family!

Join my newsletter to hear about Austin mini-sessions

Before I announce a mini-session event on social media, I always tell my newsletter group first. They’re given all of the dates + locations, and they have the first opportunity to sign up. Oftentimes, most of the spots are taken before they’re finished!

3 Reasons Why Mini-Sessions Are Awesome

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