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3 Questions Brides Have When Hiring a Photographer

Sep 27

Googling “Wedding Photographer” is overwhelming. You’ll find ads for local studios, reviews, blogs on big publication websites, and pages and pages of listings on The Knot.

It’s…a lot.

If you’re like most brides, photography is important to you, but you’ve never hired a wedding photographer before, so it’s hard to know where to begin!

Keep reading to find the top 3 questions brides have when searching for a photographer!

1. What factors should I consider?

STYLE – I list this first because if their shooting and editing style didn’t catch your eye, you probably didn’t continue interest in hiring them. If you can’t stop scrolling on their Instagram, I’d say that you love their style!

PERSONALITY – After getting to know them online, can imagine them being there on your wedding day? Do you think they’d be helpful and kind to you and your guests?

EXPERIENCE – After reading about the experience they offer to their brides & grooms, are you PUMPED to have that experience for yourself?? 

SERVICES & PRICING – Most photographers have a range of pricing listed on their website. If their pricing is WAY more than you could afford (I’m talking thousands over budget), than they’re probably not the best fit even if you’re obsessed with their style. But if their pricing is within the range of what you plan to invest, and they’ve passed the three tests above, contact them!



2. How do I find a photographer who will understand us and our vision for our wedding?

If this is one of your main questions and concerns, than you’re my type of bride! Your photographer will be by your side practically ALL day during your wedding – more than any of your other vendors, and actually more than your husband! Isn’t that crazy??

So for this reason, it’s really important that you LOVE your photographer!

STEP 1 – When you begin searching for a photographer, first, get to know THEM online. Browse through their website and Instagram to get a feel for their personality. Do you have anything in common? If you click through their website and feel like you could have fun drinking coffee (or margaritas!) with them, than that’s a great sign!

STEP 2 – After your first contact them with, how do you feel?

When a bride inquires with me about her wedding photography, I send an email to get the conversation started. I have two main goals for our first contact. First, I’m excited to get to know you and your fiancé! I love to ask how you got engaged and can’t wait to hear about how you imagine your wedding and what you’re most excited about. Second, I provide all the resources they need to make an informed decision on what photography services fit them best (how many hours of coverage, if they’d like bridal portraits and an album, etc.). I point them in the direction of helpful blog posts (like this one!), Frequently Asked Questions, and briefly describe what the Wedding Photography Experience looks like.

If, after this first contact, you feel informed and feel that the photographer genuinely wants to know more about you and your fiancé, you might be a great fit!

Another helpful tip – Check out their blog and social media posts to see how they talk about their couples. Do they excitedly share details from a wedding and tell real stories about the couple in the photos? That’s also a good sign!

3. Do I need a second photographer?

Even more photos?? Sign me up!

Talk to your photographer about your timeline, your venue, and the flow of your day to decide whether or not you need or could benefit from having a second photographer on your wedding day.

About 70% of my weddings include a second photographer.

And don’t worry, your photographer will hire the second photographer. You don’t need to worry about repeating this process a second time! All of your communication will be with your lead photographer, and they will likely hire someone who they’ve worked with before and have a great relationship with. I recommend it to most couples unless they’re having a destination wedding or a very small elopement-style wedding.

Read more about this >



Overall, go with your gut

After you feel like you understand your photographer options – both their personalities and their work – just go with your gut and don’t overthink it. You got this!


One last tip – Here are some ways to start your for a wedding photographer, aside from the obvious places (Google, The Knot).

  • Instagram Hashtags – Search hashtags like #AustinWeddingPhotographer #AustinBride #ATXWedding #KeepAustinWed #AustinEngagementPhotos
  • Your venue’s social media’s accounts  – Venues usually tag the photographer in photos they post!
  • Your friends’ social media accounts – First hand experience and recommendations from people you trust is a goldmine!



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