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For today’s #MarryMeMonday🥂, we’re featuring Maria & Jonathan’s DOUBLE proposal. Yep, there were TWO proposals, one of which was a surprise to me too. Here’s the story ⬇️

Maria contacted me about proposing to her boyfriend of 5 years, Jonathan. They started dating after meeting in their high school chemistry class. 🥺 Maria is now in her last semester of college, and they’d talked about getting engaged around this time. She planned a beautiful proposal at The Sekrit Theater, and it went perfectly!

Afterward, I pretended to leave them, but I actually drove to a surprise party at Jonathan’s uncle’s house. This was Part 2 of Maria’s plan. As I drove ahead of them, Maria told Jonathan they were going to dinner at a restaurant that was conveniently near his uncle’s house. 😉 (Spoiler alert, there is no restaurant).

Here’s where it get’s crazy. When I arrived, Jonathan’s mom told me that he was also planning to propose to Maria in a few weeks! It turns out that they were both confiding in his mom, and she was the only one who knew the full story. In fact, she had the ring with her, but Jonathan didn’t even know that it had already been delivered! He thought it was arriving in a few days. When his mom heard about Maria’s plan to propose, she found a way to have the ring delivered early, so that Jonathan could also propose at the after party.

Are you following? I know this is complicated. 😂

When Maria & Jonathan arrived, his mom quickly showed him the ring, and he decided to surprise EVERYONE and propose to Maria right then and there. So Maria basically planned her own proposal party.

Looking back, it’s amazing that all of this happened so smoothly. Jonathan’s mom was the secret mastermind behind this whole thing!

I loved working with this fun couple and their families. Congratulations!!



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Part 2… The After Party


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